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I believe that buying your house should be a fun and exciting experience. It’s because of this that I will always go the extra mile for my clients. I want to be the person I wished I had when I bought my home. There are so many different options for mortgages and I strongly feel it’s important to find the best option that suits you and your lifestyle. When I first started learning about mortgages, I discovered I was mistreated in my own mortgage. There were so many more efficient options out there for me. When I inquired about different options I was told it would be too costly for me and that I shouldn’t worry about doing that (It turns out that there are some lazy people in the mortgage industry, who knew…). Now that I work in mortgages I realize that I went down the wrong path. I wished I had somebody who cared enough to tell me what I could do with all the different types of mortgage’s. I want to be that person for my clients. I don’t ever want somebody to be lead down the wrong path.

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Whether you are going through an amicable Divorce or Separation or not it’s still a high emotional situation with people all around you telling you all the things you must do or consider. Most people would not think of a mortgage broker. Seeing a mortgage broker right off the bat is actually beneficial.

As a person who has had a lot of shift work in her life, I understand that sometimes the typical 9 to 5 schedule just doesn’t fit every work environment. Therefore, I understand the movie/television production world.

I often hear people saying that self-employed clients are difficult to get mortgage approvals for but this is not necessarily true. It may be slightly more paperwork, but if I didn’t want to do paperwork, then I picked the wrong career!

You have an excellent career that you (hopefully)love and that’s awesome. What I have discovered in life is that every professional is still an individual.

Lets face it we have all used 911 from time to time. Every time you do it’s a high stress situation. At least it should be if you are phoning 911! The first responders are quick and efficient no matter what your issue is. I have personally had to phone 911 a few times in my life because of emergencies around me, and there is something that I have noticed. Very few people say “thank you”.

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