Whether you are going through an amicable Divorce or Separation or not it’s still a high emotional situation with people all around you telling you all the things you must do or consider. Most people would not think of a mortgage broker. Seeing a mortgage broker right off the bat is actually beneficial. For instance, I have a few different Divorce/ Separation packages that I can use and I do not have to wait for the courts to finish processing the paperwork (that can take several months to complete). These divorce/separation packages are different forms of a buyout. The following is general information regarding a buyout:

  • A Buyout is when you take the existing equity in the house and split it so one person can keep the house and the other person can move on.
  • A buyout can be done up to 95% loan to value (equal to 5% down payment)
  • With a buyout you can choose to pay off mutual debt as well as split the leftover equity for you and your ex partner.
  • Not everybody can afford a buyout situation. I can do calculations for you at the beginning so your lawyer/mediator will know which direction to proceed (sell the house or buyout) allowing you to save time and money on proceedings.
  • I will gladly work with you and your lawyer/mediator to help figure out the best direction for you in your new life.

Film Industry

As a person who has had a lot of shift work in her life, I understand that sometimes the typical 9 to 5 schedule just doesn’t fit every work environment. Therefore, I understand the movie/television production world. One of my best friends works in that world and I know that people in it work like crazy and then take time off. That it is very hard for them to predict their Friday schedule on a Monday. This is a world that is hard for others to understand which is why I decided I wanted to help people out in this type of industry. I believe that just because your career is not typical does not mean you should have added stress on making a home purchase or renewing your mortgage. Maybe you are planning on upgrading your house during one of your breaks and you would like a little extra money ready to go for that. These are options that should be just as available to you as they are to everyone else. That’s why I try to work my schedule around to help you out as much as possible. If you are working a lot of nights but would still like to meet, then I say why not. I can re-adjust my schedule to meet with you even if it is at 4 am. Please check out my calendar below for available time slots and I will send you an email so we can figure out a location that works best. If you would like, please download the list below of the standard paperwork a person in your industry would require for your mortgage needs.


Business For Self / Self Employed

I often hear people saying that self-employed clients are difficult to get mortgage approvals for but this is not necessarily true. It may be slightly more paperwork, but if I didn’t want to do paperwork, then I picked the wrong career! The only extra obstacle you have is that you require 2 years (tax years) of steady income. If you do not have 2 years, there are options, but they will be on the “B” side of lending which would mean minimum 20% down payment and higher interest rate (this may not be a wise option but I would be willing to crunch the numbers with you). I understand that for you, time is money. Therefore, I like to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. When I send emails to gather information, you’ll receive it in a bulleted list so you can check off each item as needed. Or, you can download my checklist below and book a telephone meeting with me to get any questions answered and/or start an application. There are a lot of great mortgage package options suitable for self-employed people and I will be happy to discuss them with you.


You have an excellent career that you (hopefully)love and that’s awesome. What I have discovered in life is that every professional is still an individual. Each of you have different goals in life and different things that matter to you. All of you are in different stages in your life with your own personal lifestyles. Its because of this that I love to find out what means the most to you so I can get you a mortgage that suits your life. You are not a generic person so your mortgage shouldn’t be generic either.


First Responders Appreciation

Let’s face it we have all used 911 from time to time. Every time you do it’s a high stress situation. At least it should be if you are phoning 911! The first responders are quick and efficient no matter what your issue is. I have personally had to phone 911 a few times in my life because of emergencies around me, and there is something that I have noticed. Very few people say “thank you”.  First responders are trained to go against there natural instinct and run towards a burning building or gunfire while everyone else runs away from it. They see disturbing things but their desire to help people allows them to start treating people. They are the ones who must calm people down over the phone. They are the ones who must give the worst news to family members and help them through the worst part of their lives. This program is my way of saying thank you for people who are 911 operators, Firefighters, Police, Paramedics, and Victim Service Officer’s. You do things I don’t think I could handle and I just want to show you that I appreciate what it is you do and represent.

  • Rebate program: If you are to receive (renew, purchase or refinance) your mortgage through me I will split what I make from the lenders with you (I get paid by the lenders, I do not charge my clients). The idea behind this is to help with the costs of buying a new home or refinancing. If you are renewing your mortgage then it’s a bonus for you (who doesn’t like bonuses).
Mortgage amount $100,000 – $249,999 will be rebated $300
Mortgage amount $250,000 – $499,999 will be rebated $600
Mortgage amount $500,000 and greater will be rebated $1,200


  • Referral program: If a First Responder is connected to a mortgage that is processed through me then a referral will be paid out. In other words, if someone refers me a first responder and the first responder completes their mortgage through me that person will get the referral bonus. A first responder can refer anyone and if the person they referred to me completes their mortgage through me the first responder will receive a referral bonus.
Mortgage amount of $149,999 or less will be rewarded $100
Mortgage amount $150,000 – $399,999 will be rewarded $200
Mortgage amount $400,000 and greater will be rewarded $300


To be clear if I can’t get paid by the lender then I can’t pay out the Appreciation which is why I am saying the mortgage must be completed through me.